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It is suspected that someone has placed a curse on the Kingdom Of Wrenly.

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Almost immediately, Prince Lucas suspects that the wizard Grom is behind it. Since he is always locked up away in his tower and has that scowling face, surely it has to be him.


Thus, Prince Lucas with the help of Ruskin and Clara, they venture out to figure out who is behind it and stop this villain before all is lost. After enjoying a wonderful game of hide-and-seek, Prince Lucas together with Ruskin fall into trouble once more. The castle is in problems when all the ice has melted and the King is very displeased with these tragedy. The king then send Lucas in the company of Ruskin to fetch extra ice from the giants who live in an area called Flatrost.

Along the journey, some unexpected assistance comes from some larger-than-life friends who assist Prince Lucas who has since been joined by Clara. This is where they learn of the importance to respect the hard work and zeal of others.


In this release, Prince Lucas soon discovers that in order to defeat a savage beast in the fantastic Kingdom of Wrenly, he must use music to become victor. While this might be the case, Lucas does not want to learn how to play the flute to ensure this end. He is much more comfortable with being outside exploring the kingdom with his best friend Clara.

Thus, when a bard makes a visit to the castle while on tour, he tries to convince the prince that there is a remarkable element in music, magic. Lucas refuses to believe this. In order for him to realize that the bard might just have just been telling him the truth all along, he and the bard go for a walk up into the hills and stumble upon some very ferocious monster.

If the books are not enough, the third series of the Kingdom of Wrenly: The Sea Monsters, has been made into a movie. This is delightful if you are yet to read that book or have read it and want to relive that exciting tale of monsters that Prince Lucas and Clara have an adventure in. Here, Prince Lucas gets to search for a scary monster in this fantastic kingdom. It has been observed that there have been waves around wrenly and it is definitely not because of the tides.

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Prince Lucas is convinced that the mysterious sea creature is the cause although it has only be heard of in tall tales. With the assistance of Clara and some unlikely character, Prince Lucas is left to figure out what has been disturbing the beast and how he can make it stop so that the waves in the sea can consequently stop. These adventures are quite remarkable for the reader as you get to see how Prince Lucas evades and finds solutions to the various problems and monsters that have plagued wrenly.

He is quite the adventurer and nothing is too complex for him. He does not fear and plunges forward with like a courageous prince he is meant to be. These read is a must for all. Jordan Quinn displays the characters in the best light. With the assistance of Clara, Rushkin and some unexpected characters who often provide twists to this tale, you will not run short of excitement as you read this book series.

The Kingdom of Wrenly #8, The Secret World of Mermaids by Jordan Quinn | | Booktopia

With the latest release, Pegasus Quest, out in stores, you should read how he helps rescue a young Pegasus. This occurs when a shooting star shoots across the sky at night and Lucas makes a wish for a remarkable adventure. To his surprise, it comes true. In their usual outings while looking for mysterious things, they come across a lost Pegasus which is in danger. Thus, the journey begins to help this creature and return it to its wonderful home and save the day once more.

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    See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Prince Lucas discovers underwater secrets when he gets a glimpse of the mermaids' kingdom in this eighth chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series. Lucas and Clara are floating on a raft when a wave hits and throws Lucas into the sea.