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The DWJ Project: The Homeward Bounders - Swan Tower

The three pick up a few more allies even Prometheus joins them in the end and some magical paraphernalia before storming Their Real Place. As They are defeated, but not quite wiped out, the Homeward Bounders can end their exile--but Jamie, who has no home his--and our--world having aged years in his absence , takes upon himself the burden of roaming forever, thus preserving the reality of all the worlds and so preventing Their return to power.

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All of this makes internal sense in Jones' elaborate and intricate scheme. It's also about as remote as a complex game from any earthly concerns.

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I was going to publish this on my YA site in honor of my very own portal fantasy being published this summer, but as I wrote the post I started to feel OLD. The most recent book on this list was published sometime in the 80s.

The Homeward Bounders Book Summary and Study Guide

The oldest was published in I loved books where people from our world went to a fantasy world and had adventures. A lot of those books had characters who had to figure out the world and who they were at the same time. Did you know there was more than one? There are 14 written by L.

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  5. I loved her for her anger and discontent and refusal to be beaten down, and with Joris, a really annoying perfect privileged boy who turns out to be a decent sort anyway. Of the Chrestomanci books, Witch Week was my favorite, possibly because almost everyone in that book is being bullied and I was already having that kind of problem myself. When Joris was seven his family sold him to the Sarkoy Agency, which was a reputable trading house affiliated with the Cardsburg municipal slave mart.

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