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Projects and Programs
  1. Thermodynamic Capacity of Quantum Processes
  2. NWI-IMC055, Spring 12222
  3. Quantum-Safe Security
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  5. Path Integrals and Quantum Processes - 1st Edition

Researchers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland join forces to study how the quantum world behaves on its natural time and length scales. This network allows researchers and students to meet and develop theory and exchange knowledge.

Quantum processes in semiconductors, 2nd ed. by B. K. Ridley

Duration Lagally, M. Friesen, S.

Thermodynamic Capacity of Quantum Processes

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Is Quantum Physics Necessary for the Account of Consciousness? The Lecture of Stuart Hameroff

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  • Time-domain quantum processes studied by ultrafast radiation pulses — NordForsk;
  • Phys. Rev. Lett. , () - Thermodynamic Capacity of Quantum Processes.

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NWI-IMC055, Spring 12222

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Quantum-Safe Security

Shadbolt, N. Matsuda, M. Oguma, M. Itoh, G.

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Path Integrals and Quantum Processes - 1st Edition

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