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Versatile data-model: Java objects are exposed to the template as a tree of variables through pluggable adapters, which decides how the template sees them.

See the license here Note that the project is owned by the Apache Software Foundation since 2. Earlier releases, such as 2. Last generated: GMT.

All other marks mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Overview What is FreeMarker?

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Download Version history About us License. Add the domain of your site to the hosts file. Depending on your operating system, this file can be found in different places:.

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  6. On a development machine, we could use the domain sulu. Add that domain to the end of the hosts file:.

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    It is a good practice to create a virtual host for each of your Sulu projects. In general you should configure your vHost like the Apache paragraph above describes it.

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    Finally, we need to fix the permissions of our project so that the web server is able to read and write them. Navigation index next previous Sulu 1. Add that domain to the end of the hosts file Note You may need to restart your browser after changing the hosts file.